Direct debit. I don't know haw

I want to fix my direct debit but i don’t know how

Hi if you log into your bulb account under payment’s you can alter your direct debit there!! What happens is a bill is usually created the day before the DD so it’s a month upfront a guide to what should be paid is also given!! I usually also give meter reading’s about 4 days before that way they will use them in the monthly bill if you get àny referral credit’s you can also alter DD also if you ever want to make a one off payment with a card that’s in there aswell and also you can alter the day of the month DD is taken

Can you tell me where in the app is the facility to make an additional payment using a bank/credit card? I can’t find it.

I don’t think this facility exists at present, or I can’t see it on the App on my phone.

I use Web on my PC to access my account and top up if required.

From memory a similar query was posted some time ago and the answer similar to mine above

Thanks. I misread the post as meaning the App! As you say, it’s on the website, where I’ve seen it.

Hi have never used app I just use my phone to go into my account as I find that easy!! I just click on link in old email’s and sign in thàt way