Direct Debit Incorrectly Calculated


My account is currently in £70 in credit with DD of £180 pending but Bulb now want to increase my monthly payments to £275 from April? How can this £100 increase be justified in 1 month?
My daily average is around 5.50 as I’ ve actually decreased my usages so £45pw is probably a top line usage now. So £275pm even with another increase is at least £70 more than would be acceptable.
Please advise.

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Hey @mswan55 :wave:

Your annual estimated usage determines what your suggested monthly payment is going forward. This means that if you have reduced your usage over the last few months, your suggested payment amount will still be slightly higher as we use the last 12 months of usage.

I have taken a look and have amended this for you to be more accurate. This will update your suggested monthly amount over the coming days and should be more in line with what you are using.

It’s also worth noting that we take payment in advance at Bulb so we have to take your account balance at the time of the last statement rather than the last payment. This would put your account in arrears so we need to ensure this is also covered. If you’d like to discuss this further please let me know and I’d be happy to send over an email to talk about specifics with you.

– Robyn :bulb:

Hi Robyn,
Thanks for your response and for looking into this.

Please do send an email so I can discuss the specifics as my DD have been adjusted so many times over the past year, not sure how Bulb reaches an ‘average’.
The idea of installing a smart meter was to make this issue easier but if Bulb are averaging over the past 12 months given price increases and issues with smart meter readings, I would like it to be explained further.

Many thanks,


No problem @mswan55 - I will get that sent over to you today.

– Robyn :bulb:

Hi Robyn,
I had the same email that @mswan55 mentions, mine predicting a DD increase to £277/month. Currently DD is £190 and seems about right (according to my Smart meter monthly running totals), and with the weather warming I expect this to go down not up. I understand Fuel prices are going to rise in April, but a jump like this seems disproportionate. mark