Direct debit increase and I'm in credit!

Spencer Anderson

Nov 21, 07:01 GMT

I received an email from you yesterday stating my monthly direct debit is increasing from £85 to £106 per month. While I appreciate the cost of electricity and gas has increased, I fail to see why my bills have shot up by £21 per month when I am actually still in credit. I know that more electricity and gas is used over the winter months which is fine but on the other hand less gets used after February. You state that I need to be in credit this time next year, which means you automatically assume I’ll stay with Bulb for more than 1 year. I, like most people, are on a budget and this is by no means the deal that I signed up for! I would’ve been better off staying with my previous supplier! Just to clarify, is it correct I can leave Bulb at any time without paying exit fees? Not happy at this massive increase in my monthly payments.

You have full control of your direct debit. Log in to your account and set it to whatever you like.

Yes you can leave at any time, there are no exit fees and no minimum term, as explained in the terms and conditions you read when joining.