Direct debit increase based on an estimated reading

Has anyone else experienced a massively inflated increase in their direct debit this month? I was informed that mine would be increased from £103 to £648 per month, based on my property? The estimated reading from Bulb was massively over the actual reading for October. I am baffled that an operating business in 2018 can do this to their customers, exactly how much has Bulb taken from their customers with acts such as this? Thankfully for me, I’ve not handed over any more of my money to Bulb than I need to, but how many customers have? And are not out of pocket? It makes me really angry!!

Clearly that is a mistake. If I received that email I would just laugh at it rather than getting all worked up.

You can log into your account and set the direct debit to whatever you like. Don’t worry about it. They seem to have been having some problems lately with calculating estimated annual usage.

You need to submit regular monthly readings to avoid estimated bills. Estimates are never right and always way over, that is why the term estimate is used.