I am amazed that been over £150 in credit that bulb are trying to increase my direct debit by a extra £10 per month is anybody else getting the feeling that we are going to get hit hard my problem is i have only been with Bulb 4 months they ask for meter readings then tell you your to early im paying them £94.50 which is more than i was paying last year then on top i get told another increase . do we feel like we are held to ransome because we have to have power to live.

If you are in credit to the sum of £150 and this is sufficient to cover your next months usage, then purely on this basis you don’t have to increase your monthly DD.

However there is price increase from 11 November plus it is likely your energy use will increase in the following winter months. Bulb possibly are factoring in these two items when requesting a DD increase.

To make sure there are no surprises in future months have you been submitting regular monthly readings to Bulb to make sure your statements are based on actual rather than estimated energy usage?

Absolutely. I have submitted a reading at the end of every month so far - 3 months. Their graph hasn’t even been updated for September. Am over £200 in credit and they ‘really’ need a new reading apparently because they might have to increase my DD by 20%. How about waiting until the end of the month as usual.
I will submit the readings on 31 October, and no earlier, to keep the record keeping nice and tidy. And Bulb had better wait for it before jumping the gun.

@Pudster_18 @Tulip_74 We advise that at this time of year it’s good to have your monthly payment of credit in your account plus an additional month’s, at least, which you generally build up over the summer months. This is due to now moving into winter with higher usage. There’s also the increased fuel prices to consider, too.

Since your projected usage is higher than your payments we advise increasing your payment to ensure that come next winter you’re in a good position. The projected usage is calculated with the annual consumption data we hold for your meter, which is a combination of info from your old supplier and from the reads you give us. Submitting more readings will make this more accurate.

It’s only advice, we’re just trying to make sure you don’t end up in debit this time next year.