Direct debit increased by 50% - not notified

You have increased our Direct Debit by 50% and taken the money.

You have not notified us of any increase.

During these times of a pandemic, don’t you think you should inform customers of actions that could greatly affect their finances. Customer could find themselves overdrawn by your actions.

We will now cancel the direct debit and move suppliers asap.

We will also post on Money Saving Expert and other reviews sites warning customers not to use your company.

Hi Merle,

We did send you an email on the 17th Sep about the change in direct debit payment.

Please check for this email and also in your junk folder. We are sorry that you did not know about the change.

I will direct message you about your payments as I cannot discuss payments on a public forum.


We are leaving anyway. The Direct Debit price increase you have imposed is more than we can afford to pay. We have never ever used £150 energy a month ever.