Direct Debit Not Recorded On Statement

Hi, My switch to Bulb completed on 18 February, and my first direct debit payment was taken from my bank account on the 19th. My statement does not show receipt of the direct debit payment (though it does show the £50 referral credit), is there normally a delay between the direct debit payment being made and it appearing on the statement?

I joined Bulb on the 8th of December, had my first direct debit taken from my account on the 11th (which correlates with Bulb’s statement) - all subsequent payments via direct debit have been recorded on Bulb the day after they were taken from my account (my Monzo current account says the money left them on the 8th of Jan and Feb, Bulb say they received it on the 9th).

So there is a slightly delay from the money leaving your account and it showing as “credit” on the Bulb statement.

I also think I remember seeing the credits taking a couple of days to appear but to be backdated (i.e… nothing on Bulb on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th, but on the 12th of the month had a credit showing on the 9th). Bulb may only get informed from their bank about payments the day after the credit reaches their account - hence the delay.

If it’s not shown up in a week, I’d say drop them a line at .

Thanks for the reply