Direct Debit on receipt of bill?

**I have been with BULB for 8 months I have almost always given a monthly reading of my energy, at times I have been in a lot of credit, but left it there. Yesterday I received my monthly bill and yes it was a little over what I had used, they said I had to up my monthly payment. So, when it’s in their favour nothing is said, but for one month I was a few £’s **under, stern demands were made.!! It has really annoyed me, I spend 6 months of the year abroad, so no usage. What I would really like to do is pay what I owe on a monthly basis, is this possible either with Bulb or any other company.

Would not be possible with a direct debit as these can never be 100% accurate.
You would have to find a supplier that does quarterly billing, which would be more expensive

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Further to that I would say this is a suggestion made to us all and not compulsory. You say that you are abroad six months of the year do you have arrangements made to submit readings, bulb would not know you are abroad and would be estimating your usage

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It’s annoying, isn’t it? Bulb say they take payment in advance, and that means that you should always have at least the value of one monthly payment of credit in your account. Your account should never go overdrawn.

But the terms and conditions are very clear on this.

3.16. You must keep your account in credit by paying for the supply in advance by automatic payment, or if you’re in debt with us, you agree to not be in debt by more than half of what we’ve calculated as being your expected annual bill.

There is no such requirement to be in credit. Indeed, the limit is to be overdrawn by no more than half your expected annual bill. Why the discrepancy in what customers legally agree to, and what is expected of us? Who knows. The discrepancy has been pointed out to several times, by myself and others. Apparently they were going to update the terms and conditions in January 2019 to make them clearer, and they’re going to keep us updated on the outcome and let us know what changes they’ve made. They were last modified on 4 December 2019. There’s no changelog. It appears that nothing that was queried has been changed. It’s not clear what was updated.

It’s interesting that 3.8 still says

3.8. If you have a standard meter, you agree to pay for your energy by monthly automatic payment by Direct Debit or by Debit card.

when debit cards payments haven’t been an allowed source for monthly payments for quite some time now. Perhaps Bulb will get around to obeying their own terms and conditions, or updating them to reflect reality soon.

This really is such a joke of a company. I feel sorry for the front line staff.


I’m on my phone so I can’t copy/paste, but one can only concur with your last sentence, in triplicate

Thank you Skippy for your reply, I am away 3 months at a time, and yes someone reads my meters every month on the same day. and I submit the readings to Bulb. Doesn’t seem fair to me at all, I will probably be changing very soon.

**Thank you Hooloovoo for your reply. I will probably change from Bulb fairly soon. I object to being dictated to by these companies. I have never ever been late, or missed a bill EVER! Grrrrrh! I am angry.

Might I be be so bold as to suggest Green. in Newcastle not the one with a similar name in Ware

That is the one I moved to last month.
Just to add… the dot after the word Green is part of their name.

Yes, looked at them myself, being such a low user they are one of the few where I could actually save. But what stopped me is because they are a “new” company and Ican’t seem to find any info about the size of their customer base

In general I disagree with this statement. You’re not being dictated to. There’s a set of terms and conditions that are mutually agreed by both sides, and you can chose to become a customer or not.

In this particular case, it does wind me up that Bulb want to enforce something that isn’t in their terms and conditions. Particularly so when many of their terms are self-contradictory.

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