Direct Debit Payment

Morning Bulb Team

Can you please confirm that our direct debit of the 24th June has gone through as showing on our online banking as taken and not, as yet, showing as added to credit on Bulb Account?
It might well be that this will be appear later in the day as still states ’ pending ’ but I thought I’d check with you.

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Still not showing on our Bulb Account…Just says ‘pending’


Ian B

From my experience (with my Monzo account where I get instant notifications of payments), it usually takes 2-3 days from the moment the direct debit ‘hits’ my account until it shows up in Bulb. My understanding (which is probably wrong) of the Direct Debit ‘cycle’ is:
Day 1) Merchant creates list of payments. Sends to BACS for processing as an ‘overnight batch job’
Day 2) BACs sends payment list to individual banks as an ‘overnight batch job’
Day 3) Individual banks debit the person’s account. Individual banks report back to BACs which have been successful/failed - again as an ‘overnight batch job’
Day 4) BACs collates all the responses it has and prepares to send them back to the merchant as another overnight job.
Day 5) The merchant finally finds out who has paid.

BACs is ‘closed’ on weekends and bank holidays so that can add delays to the times. Direct Debits is a ‘reasonable old’ technology designed to work with ‘old fashioned’ banks which gave customers statements once a month - so it doesn’t quite ‘cope’ with today’s instant notifications/up to date statements.

[Remember, this is just my personal understanding and it might not be ‘BACs’ who are responsible for Direct debits and the timeline may be slightly off, but that’s how I tend to think of it]


There is normally a time lapse between it showing as sent in your bank account and arriving at the recipients end (in this case Bulb). Also if a direct debit was due on 24 June (which is a Sunday) it wont be processed until the next working day, i.e today 25 June.

I’m confident your “Pending” will change to “Payment” by start of business tomorrow 26 June.

My thanks to both RichyB and Allanr for your detailed explanations and answers…they make a lot of sense, and I’m sure you are spot on, so very much appreciated, guys.

All the best

Ian B

“I’m confident your “Pending” will change to “Payment” by start of business tomorrow 26 June”…Allanr

Morning Bulb team/Allanr/RichyB

Just checked and still not changed yet…would appreciate an answer from a Bulb team member just when our account will show the payment/credit.

Thank you

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Ian :slight_smile:

@IanB The “payout date” is on the 27th and is when the pending status will be removed.

Thanks DanP…full balance on our account now showing, so I will know in future that it takes a couple of days to appear.

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