Direct debit set up but payment not being taken

I changed my DD bank account about 3 months ago. It was with the same the bank so they automatically transferred the direct debits over to the new account. The next month, all of my DDs went out fine less bulb. I was in credit so this wasn’t a problem until I noticed that no payment had been taken for two months. I called in Decemeber, set up a new direct debit for the new account and paid £200 with my card to ensure I was in credit. The next payment was due on 5 Jan, from the new DD account. It’s now 12 Jan and no payment has been taken.

I emailed Bulb about 3 days ago and I’ve still not had a response.

Hi @Chris221 , I can see my colleague wrote back to your email on Monday, do let us know if you need any further help

So, your colleague told me that my bank details were incorrect. I gave them to another colleague over the telephone so not sure how this was the case. Anyway, as per their advice I updated them via ‘my bulb’ . Still, to date no payment has been taken.

Sort this out else I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Hi @Chris221 - we’ve checked this and it all seems fine. The payment was successful and it will be in your Bulb account in the next two days. Let us know if you have any further issues.

My first months payment has not been taken and I am now in debit on my account. I have written an email 9 days ago which I have had no response from in regards to this matter!

My February payment hasn’t come out yet. I have emailed but not had a response. Please can you let me know when the direct debit will go out of my account


Have you tried telephoning Bulb, contact link at the bottom of the Help Page shows you the telephone number.

Is your Payments & statements page showing payment is pending?

No I will give them a ring as it is not even showing as payment pending like normal

Thank you