Direct debit taken even though I’m on prepayment

Good morning,
My account was switched to a prepayment meter (pay as you go) earlier this month and yet my direct debit was still taken this morning.
This has left me with no money available to top up my meter with and I’m panicking now.

Nowhere was I told that they would continue taking my direct debits alongside me having to top up my meter and I haven’t been able to access the ‘direct debit side of my account since switching to top up meter so had no way of knowing this payment would leave my account today.

Looks like me and my kids are going to have to go without gas & electricity for several weeks :weary:

Hi @Kayls - welcome to community :wave:

I’m really sorry that this payment was taken, it shouldn’t have been now that you’re on smart pay as you go.

I will get this refunded for you, and send you an email confirmation.

– Meg :bulb: