Direct Debit taking a long time to show

I would like to know why it takes so long for my direct debit to appear on my online statement. Makes it look as if my credit is far less than it actually is. I give my readings at the end of every month at the same time as my payment is made to Bulb. The readings and charges are entered immediately but my direct debit often takes a week to show even though it has left my account. Gives a false impression of what the status of my account is.

Hi @avchanas

The direct debit can take some time from leaving your account and joining ours this is as it goes through the bank.

Your account will always say when the payment in pending and when it comes into your account under ‘payments and statements’.

Let us know if you have any other queries.


This means that you require me to always have at least one month’s payment in advance credit throughout the year, ie you will sit on £130 continuously?

Hi @avchanas,

The one month’s payment in advance is because the payment goes into your account ahead of your bill at the end of the month. A bit like paying for something online and waiting for it to arrive a day or two later.

If there was no money in the account and the bill was produced, the account would fall into debit and we’d be fronting you the energy (even if only for a day or two).

Although that’s not to be confused with your direct debit taking 5 days to leave your account and appear in your Bulb account. This is dependent on your bank processing the payment.

Hope that all makes sense to you :thinking: