Direct Debit

Hi, I’ve had an email off you today (Saturday) saying my first direct debit payment to you will be going out on Monday! This is no good at all, as I do not get paid until the 15th of the month & I have already paid my direct debit to my former supplier out of this months money. Please do not take payment on Monday, as you will leave my bank account with no money in!

Hi Debra, sadly as Direct Debits take several days to process we can’t cancel this one for you. We can refund it for you and schedule it for a later date though if that would help. We can also change your payment date so that it comes out after the 15th for future payments. Work this work for you?

I stopped the direct debit myself & spoke to a very helpful man at your company yesterday. It’s all sorted now thanks. :slight_smile:

Great, I’m glad that it’s all sorted for you then. Have a great day.

Dear bulb

I’ve just received your email today which states my payment will be coming out in 3 days which will make it the 27 Feb when I categorically said it would be the 1st of each month as I don’t get paid until the last working day of each month. Is this correct as if it is i will cancel the debit card before that date.

Also I need to inform you that my debit card went missing a few days ago so I have reported it to my bank who will be sending a replacement in 5 working days so my payment due on the 1st of Feb will not go through as this has been stopped. I will change the details online when I receive my new debit card.

@ainos_1959 sorry for the delay in getting back to you regarding the situation. I can confirm that the payments are scheduled to come out on the 1st of every month.

Sorry to hear that you’ve lost your debit card. If you could give us a call at 0300 30 30 635 once you have the new card and then we can assess what payments have been made and which ones need to be made. We’ll then be able to help you out on the spot.

I’ve managed to update new caRd details on my bulb account which was done on Saturday 25 February. I hope that’s okay and thank you

@ainos_1959, that’s perfect! I can see that all set up on your account now :slight_smile: