Direct Debit

I just realised from my statements you’ve not been taking any money from my account even though I have a direct debit set up. This seems to have resulted from my last conversion when I was in credit that you would agree to not take payment in January but you’ve carried on not taking payment :confused:

Hey @pete102, thanks for getting in touch about the missing payments. Having checked your account, the direct debit got cancelled since your payment on the 30th of December. You’ve also tried to set up a direct debit for your account but that has been unsuccessful as well. I’ll look to amend the issue and see if we can a working direct debit set up and email you an update.

Okay thank you. All the details on the direct debit are correct as I double checked them

Please can I have an update as my account is in debit, and I need to make a payment.

Hi @pete102 sorry for the delay. I sent you an email this morning to help sort out the situation :slight_smile: