Direct debit

I’ve had £70 taken out of my account. It’s exactly the same amount and date when it usually comes out but it’s under the name of stripe London. Can anyone confirm that there’s us coming out under that name too. Normally it says Bulb.

Not sure why the name would have changed but Bulb’s payments are “Powered by Stripe” so I wouldn’t worry about it.

It got me into a panic seeing an unknown company (stripe) deducting money from my bank account, so I rang my bank and they comfirmed it was to do with Bulb. It would of been nice if we had some notification from Bulb stating the fact.

@Juneeeeee and @Richard1. @mowcius is correct, Stripe are the company that we use to process our Debit Card payments, so please don’t be alarmed. Totally take your point on being informed, we should have let you know. I will pass this to the relevant channels to make sure you are kept in the loop with any further changes like this.