Direct debit

I’ve recently switched to bulb and await making my first payment by direct debit. I’ve just logged onto my online banking and seen bulb have set up 4 different direct debits. Has any else had this issue?

I am new to bulb.

Hi i am new to bulb… But ty for posting as I will keep an eye on my direct debits

@Deb81, after using the CASS (current account switching service), I also found that Bulb appeared multiple times in my direct debit list.

I simply cancelled all of them with my bank, then updated the Bulb payment details page with the same details as before.
My direct debit came out fine at the start of the month and I now only have the one listed with my bank.

@Deb81 This is an issue we have found with a few accounts. Even though there are 4 Direct Debits, only 1 of them have a payment schedule attached and that means we will not be taking more than one payment.