Direct debit

My direct debit is set up to be paid on the 1st of the month,bulb took a payment on 2nd September and another on 28th September, surely this is breaking the direct debit quarentee? It also sent me overdrawn

This is an open forum so please don’t post any personal details in response to my query.

  1. Are you sure a payment was made from your bank to Bulb on 2nd September, the reason I ask is that 2nd September is a Sunday and normally direct debit transactions do not take on a Saturday or Sunday or in fact bank holidays.

  2. Have you recently changed the date for your direct debit or has it always been 1st of the month? The date is the one quoted in your “Payments settings” at:

Hello @Lawsuit60 - I’ve replied to the email you sent over the weekend, we can discuss there to go through any personal details of this.