Direct debit

My monthly direct debit just gone up £25 a month what a joke now I pay more than I did with British gas I live in a one bedroom flat and they won th £ 100 a month according to my smart meter I don’t use anywhere near that
I thought smart meters are so you pay for the actually use most say I am very disappointed probably move back to British gas again at least I only paid for what I used

If you are in credit by more than one months advance energy use, then you can leave your payment the same level. However depending on your credit or debit siltation you may need to increase your payments in the coming months due to the price increase on 11 November plus the possibility of increased energy usage during the winter months.

If you submit monthly regular meter readings when requested by Bulb you will billed for the actual energy you have used.

When I was with British Gas, my DD was based an an estimated annual energy usage divided by 12 to arrive at my monthly DD amount. This did not vary as each bill (which was quarterly) was produced by British Gas. This is no different to the system used by Bulb, although I have some concerns their methodology for working out the monthly DD is somewhat flawed.