Direct debit

Can I change to a 2weekly standing order? I paid extra by card last month and it changed the direct debit from£60 to £30 why. Did not ask for the change was just topping up.

As far as I am aware it is only dd payments and top ups that are accepted. Have you tried going back in to your account and changing the dd back to £60.

Can I change to a 2weekly standing order?

No. Bulb accept payment by direct debit only.

You could, however, open a new separate current account for your bills and make your 2-weekly standing order payments into that. Then the funds will be there ready for the direct debit, and since they are separate you wont be tempted to spend it. I find that managing my own budget and cashflow works better for me, since I have full control and it works for all my bills. I don’t have to rely on finding suppliers that will budget for me.