Direct Debit

I’ve heard Bulb are a good energy supplier so I officially switched over on 1/5/2019 and my Bulb account states they’ve received my first payment on 1/5/2019 yet my bank account doesn’t show this as being taken out nor as a pending payment and my bank always shows any direct debits that are to come out as being pending first. Do Bulb take payments on the specified dates of customers or do they take a day or two after the agreed date which I can’t see how?

@Steff, that’s an odd one. I’d recommend giving them a ring to check what’s going on (0300 30 30 635)

Normally it would appear as you expect, on the day that you’d expect.

Hi Thanks for the reply. I’ll have to wait until Monday now as they’re shut and I tried to email them but it’s not delivered for some reason. Are Bulb a reliable energy supply then or should I have not switched? The only other thing I can think of is that the bank details are incorrect and some other person has foot my bill accidentally

@Steff, I’ve been with them a while now and although they’re having some issues (primarily due to meteoric growth over the last year), on the whole they are reliable and will sort everything out for you.

@mowcius that’s good then and it shows they must be good if lots have suddenly joined. I’m still waiting on an email back regarding my payment so hopefully they’ll reply today

@Steff, if you don’t get a response via email in a timely manner and can phone them within their business hours they’re normally pretty quick on the phone.