Direct debits - averaging out over the year

Hi, we live in an electric only location and so use electricity for everything. We are used to paying for our energy by direct debit, the same amount each month. In the summer we’re probably paying more than the energy we use and in winter less but over the year it all balances out. This means that we can budget easily as the payments remain constant.

Will I be able to carry on paying in this way if I switch to BULB? I notice the facility to ‘top-up’ if the account balance is not in credit but do BULB make it mandatory to top-up?


Bulb will use your historical yearly figures to average out your monthly dd payments, exactly as you had before.
The only thing I would mention is when you switch to Bulb they take 1 months dd in advance, you may find your old supplier owes you some money if you have built up some credit and may take a few weeks to come back to you as readings have to be verified by a third party.