Direct debits changed automatically?!

I often receive an email from bulb saying
“You might want to change your payments. …We won’t change it for you though.”

Yet despite having over £70 credit, my direct debit changed automatically from £30 a month to £41.26 in November.

In other words, not only does the bulb algorithm fail to take into account annual, not month-to-month usage (my average monthly usage works out just under £30, so I am always in credit), but their claim that ‘we won’t change it for you’ is false. I do not like being lied to.

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Normally the organisation to whom the direct debit is paid will change the amount after giving advance notification to the indiviual paying the DD. I find it strange for Bulb to say they wont change it for you.

Is “You might want to change your payments. …We won’t change it for you though.” copied exactly from the email you received from Bulb?

Yes those are the exact words in the email. I get the same email roughly once a month.

"You might want to change your payments


It looks like you’re using more energy than your payments can cover. So you might want to increase your payments so you don’t go into debit.

Increasing your payments to £36 a month would be ideal. We won’t change it for you though. It’s your call.
We might need to adjust your payment in the future but we’ll always be in touch before we do."

Thanks for the information. It does look as if Bulb need to supply an answer why your DD payment was increased without giving the obligatory notice.

Breaking the direct debit guarantee !! They have to give you 2 weeks notice of a change in amount

Yes, also included in Bulb’s T&C’. Only Bulb will be able to provide a defintive answer as to what has happened in this instance.

Somewhat conspicuous by their absence so far this week.
Perhaps they’re taking lockdown to the nth degree?

Bulb had a price rise in the autumn, and changed a lot of customers direct debit amounts as part of that (often unnecessarily). Most people received notification of those changes via email, and some by letter.

Hey @electricnut Thanks for messaging, With the payments in most of our communications we recommend a change however in September we did an official price change which meant we had to increase some direct debits to cover energy over the winter period. With any payment changes we should provide a months notice and we did send this in September.