Direct Debits going astray?

I just logged on to my account and at first sight it looked like the DD had been changed by Bulb. It was £20 more per month than I had set up. It then suggest a lower figue of £9 per month, so £11 per month more than I was paying. I thought it was up to me to set the direct debit, especialy as my account is currently in credit. I changed the direct debit to the minimum suggested as the screen would not let me set the direct debit any lower.
Am I reading this wrong or has Bulb taken over?

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T&C’s 4.4.7. possible answers your query, it says:

If you have a monthly Direct Debit with us, you can amend the amount you pay each month within parameters set by us.

I believe Bulb introduced this particular T&C when they updated it on 4 June 2020.

So I think it is fair to say Bulb has taken over the setting of your DD.

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Thanks Allanr - I thought as much.
I may have to re-think my energy supplier!.

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Hi Steve,

We do change the direct debit, if necessary, when we do a payment review (around every 3 months) we always send out an email 30 days before the change happens. We do this so members do not fall into debit in the colder months. The latest payment review also took into consideration the price change. So you may be in credit but we have calculated that your account should be in more credit at this time of the year.

If you want us to look into the direct debit amount then I will send you a direct message where you can give me your account details so I can look into this for you.


@Mel_at_Bulb I’m having a similar issue I think. The app recommends I lower my payments based on energy usage and current balance (I’m plenty enough in credit to cover winter months), but then contradicts itself by telling me my minimum payment amount is £10 more than the amount it recommends I lower my payment too. What I’m paying now is already £3-4 above what my agreed amount was when I joined bulb. It doesn’t sound much but when you add it up, that could amount to just under £50 extra a year which I don’t actually need to be paying.
I may have to look for another supplier if this isn’t resolved, I can’t keep over paying when my account is in credit by quite a lot (more so than it was this time last year).

Hi @Clairep

Welcome to the Bulb community! I’m sorry your first post was to report these issues.

I’m sorry to hear that, it does sound like our app has got a couple of wires crossed there. I’m going to ping over an email to you so we can discuss further in the context of your account :+1: