Direct Debits not being applied to accounts

Why do Bulb take a long time to credit a Direct Debit payment to my account? They sit with the money whilst showing debit balance on my account. Then they have the audacity to tell me my account is in debit. Of course it is, because Bulb are not applying the funds they are holding.
Also they have proposed an increase in my DD to take account of the alleged DEBIT BALANCE. We are all experiencing difficult times, but play fair Bulb. Use my money you are holding to put my account in CREDIT. THANK YOU.

Hey @MichaelC and welcome back to the community :wave:

As we take payment in advance at Bulb (as outlined here) we must take your account balance from the time of your last statement. This is why your payment is allocated to your account after your statement is produced. The payment is used towards the next month’s usage.

I hope this makes sense, but please let us know if not.

– Robyn :bulb:

If that is Bulb’s accounting procedure so be it.