Direct Debits Not Being Taken?

Good morning All,

I switched to Bulb in early November and a payment was taken. Having made my first payment I was then able to alter the monthly amount, it was not possible to do this before that first payment was taken. The first payment was for £80 odd, which is nowhere near enough and I changed it to £250 PCM. I was expecting a DD to be taken in December and I seem to recall seeing something from Bulb to say a DD would be taken in December, but I have just cheked both my Bulb statement and my Bank account and nothing has been taken. My Bulb account is informing me that the next payment will be taken in January, but that means we have missed December’s payment, which obviously I do not want to do. Why was no DD taken for December, the whole reason for increasing the monthly payment is to keep in a credit balance, obviously if months are being missed this will not be the case.


You should contact bulb directly see

You could make a one off payment until your D/D is sorted this would obviously stop your account going into arrears

Exactly the same problem… have no idea why. Bloody nightmare.

my December dd was not taken either. I had given meter readings on 13th dec and my account was about £8 in debit. next thing I know I get an email saying I was £400 short on what the account should be, an email saying I should up my dd from £146 to £202 and a request to pay £270 top up. When I called, the guy I spoke to didn’t notice the dd wasn’t paid.
I have cleared the balance but why the hell wasn’t I notified that the payment hadn’t gone through? does anyone at bulb actually reconcile their accounts? who is doing the estimates on meter readings? mine was way off!

Hope you don’t mind me asking but did you not spot your DD hadn’t been taken prior to speaking to Bulb?

Dont mind you asking at all - I check movement on my account at end of the month - dd is processed on 27th but shows on 1st of month . I got emails from bulb on 27th before I had gone through my statement. Until I got the revised figure with correct readings while I was on the phone I had no reason to think there had been an issue with any payments and once I had the balance outstanding it was clear that there was a discrepancy . It’s the first time I have ever had a direct debit payment not made.
Net result is the same though , they didn’t check that payment wasn’t taken and wanted to increase my dd based on wrong meter readings and some sort of clerical error which was out of my control.


Sounds somewhat complex without knowing all the details, hope it gets sorted out for you?

I check my bank account each day and in particular keep an eye on all my direct payments and know when they should leave my account and for how much. Other than Bulb I have no idea if my direct debits have reached their intended destination, in the case of Bulb I check the online payments page to verify if my direct debit is showing as pending or paid and in all cases my payments arrive in my account within about five days of leaving my bank.

No problem in my 20 or months with Bulb my DD payments have been paid and credited each month.

I have switched suppliers and the final statement from Bulb was
sent to me soon after my switch, so I just check daily that my last direct debit is taken by Bulb (I owe them rather than they owe me).

Think the intended recipients would soon be letting you know ASAP as most of them have a fairly good accounting system (and charging you for the privilege) unlike yours truly