Dirty tricks from British Gas post switch

We switched from BG to Bulb at the end of January. All has been good with Bulb.

However immediately after the switch BG shut down our online account with them, and then found it odd that we wanted to know how they had calculated our final bills for Gas and Electricity.

We phoned them at the beginning of February to enquire as to why they had closed the account before the final bill had been issued, they said it was standard practice.

We asked for the readings that they had used for the final bill.

The Gas reading they had was 1 unit higher than the initial reading I supplied to Bulb, I wasn’t fussed about that as even at British Gas’ exorbitant rates it really wasn’t worth the hassle of them recalculating the final bill for a few pence. Once the operative understood that it was impossible for us to view our bill online because our online account had been shutdown by BG, they said they would email the Bill within a couple of hours. Nothing came via email but a week later we received a copy of the bill in the post showing the calculations etc. They shortly took the amount from our account via Direct Debit.

The Electricity reading was exactly the same as the one we supplied to Bulb. This entitled us to a refund of just over £100. Despite asking for a copy of the bill to show the calculation we have not received it, nor the refund.

Then last week we received a bill for Electricity for £50. This over 2 months after we transferred from them. Having contacted their complaints team on the phone they have said that they recalculated the final bill. But they were unable to provide us with the calculation they used and promised to call back within 24hrs additionally they said they were unable to provide a complaints number until they had looked into the issue (is it a coincidence that I can’t raise a call with the ombudsman without a complaint number from the supplier that I am complaining about!) but they would provide the complaints number when they called us back. Tomorrow will be 1 week of waiting.

We have managed to access the online account and now all we can see is a spreadsheet that says we owe them £50, with various random debits and credits on the account.

Considering that the period of time between our penultimate and final bill with BG was 21days I find it hard to understand how they think that we have used over £150 worth of electricity, even with the rates they charge!

Is there any advice or insight that the community can offer, it would be greatly appreciated, before I chase BG up to find out what they are up to. We have contacted our bank and got them to put a stop on any DDs that British Gas may try to take out, so far they have made no attempt to take the £50

Hi @AJL - sorry to hear you’ve had such a tough time switching! We want everything to be as smooth as possible so it’s always a shame when people have issues.

I’ve had a good look over your account and can’t see anything that would have caused what you had to put up with. It actually looks like the perfect switch from our side with no problems at all!

It’s worth checking that the final meter readings they’re using are the same ones you gave us (7949 for gas and 1372 for electricity). If they are, they must have just taken a while to calculate things properly. If not, let us know and we can give them a ring for you to get it all sorted :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,

Hi Sam

I too thought that it was the perfect switch. The issue has all been on the BG side with them appearing to take their time issuing the credit for the Electricity portion of our account and then suddenly recalculating the final bill and saying that we owe them. I’ve done the calculation myself and they owe us so I just need to have a battle with them to get them to agree that and reimburse us.

The Gas was 1 digit out, they had it as 7950, I let that go as wasn’t worth the hassle.

The Electricity is exactly as you have it.

Thanks for the response and keep up the great customer service that I and others who I know are your customers experience.


Listening to previous comments on this topic, i took the decision last week to print out copies of both my gas and electricity bills (I am with different suppliers for the gas and electricity). This should considerably improve my chances of being able to work out my final gas and electricity once I have moved across to Bulb.

I too received a huge bill from BG when swapping to Bulb. Initially I just thought I’d have to put up with it but as time has gone on (and I have a bit more time to sort out rubbish like this) I’ve decided on principle that I want to investigate and perhaps get some money back. On 25th August I phoned BG with my readings and paid off my account for both gas and electricity in full. I knew it was switching to Bulb but before I did I wanted to ensure that BG had my full readings and that I didn’t owe them a penny. The switch from BG to Bulb happened in Oct, very straight forward. After the switch I received a bill from BG from 25th Aug to the time of the switch (from memory it was mid Oct, I have the details somewhere) of £256 for gas and electricity which is very expensive, especially given the time of year. But at the time I put it down to cancellation fees and I had so much going on in my life that I just needed to get it ticked off my to do list so I organised payment. But it’s kept niggling away at me that I’ve been ripped off. Now seeing other people have had the same issue I think I want to take it further. Can anyone offer any advice or anecdotes about similar circumstances? Thanks


My move from British Gas to Bulb was seamless both by British Gas and Bulb. About two weeks after my actual switch British Gas sent me final bill and credited to my bank the money they owed me. In this respect I couldn’t fault British Gas.