disability and meters

I recently joined bulb and keep getting asked for a meter reading but being a disabled couple we can’t physically read them. I have told them this repeatedly and am now on an estimated tariff which may continue till the end of 2020 when I’m told bulb may get round to fitting us smart meters However this might lead to us either overpaying or worse still underpaying. I feel that we should qualify in the circumstances for smart meters much quicker than a year and a half but customer services won’t comment on this. Can anyone tell me if we might be able to accelerate this or not?

You wont be able to speed up the installation of smart meters.

However, it sounds like you would qualify for the ‘Priority Services Register’ which amongst other things provides you with quarterly visits by a meter reader. If you explained your situation to a Bulb “energy specialist” it’s somewhat surprising that they focussed only on your request for a smart meter and didn’t point out the priority services available to you.

See: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001233052-What-support-does-Bulb-offer-to-vulnerable-members-

Bulb do make it clear in advance when switching that they require customers to submit their own meter readings. Surely you have a relative or friend that can take 2 minutes each month to read the meters for you?