disabled meter readings

I want bulb to arrange for meter readings. I cannot do them myself because of disability and sight loss

You’ll need to talk to Bulb directly rather than via this customer forum. Contact details are here:

Hi @Slatgolf,

As @Hooloovoo said, you’ll be best to get in touch with Bulb directly via phone or email - what you are actually asking for is to be added to their ‘Priority Service Register’ which, among other items listed on Signing up for free support services – Bulb includes:

Quarterly visits by a meter reader We can schedule a meter reader to come and visit you once every 3 months if you have trouble getting to your meter due to a tricky location or your own mobility. This way you don't need to worry about keeping your bills accurate if you can't read your meter regularly.

@slatgolf You have been added to the Priority Service Register and so one every quarter a meter reader will come round to read your meter. Let me know if you have any more questions about this.