Disabled People

I am suffering from Motor Neurone Disease
and I cant get cold in winter my heating as to be on all the time my bills are through the roof
it isn’t like I can go out and turn heating off for a few hours
Ive been with bulb for 3 years and found them fair but on looking at other providers why is bulbs gas tariff £1 more than rest per unit
there should be a set tariff for vulnerable people its just like let the CEO of these companies pay themselves huge bonuses and we suffer so unfair

1p more. Not £1.

It’s still expensive. Best switch your gas to a different supplier. Bulb are still reasonably competitive on electric, just not gas supply.


I know its not just bulb but all energy companies are getting huge bonuses and we suffer I have not got the time or energy to keep trolling through sites find best deal it should all be scrapped they are all in it together im sure they txt each other saying what prices you charging this year
one big con

It takes about 30 seconds to run a check on a comparison site once a month, but I do take your point.

There’s certainly an argument to say that critical infrastructure should be publicly owned and operated on a not-for-profit basis. Perhaps we could call it the electricity board and the gas board.

It is not just energy banks how can a CEO take so much in bonuses why cant it be like a board rather have 12 people on the board to get say 1 million a year spread the love but 1 or 2 men ceo to take 20 mill is just sick

I think the CEO gets tens of millions AND the board get millions each as well.

You’ve no argument from me. It’s all wrong. CEO compensation has grown 940% since 1978. Typical worker compensation has risen only 12% during that time.

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it is all wrong if you work it out 1 man getting 20 mill only spends the money on his home so he might need to employ 1 man or service his home and 1 man to get groceries for 1 man
times that by 12 on the board basis it its what makes society work…

@vanjobo. You are certainly entitled to you opinion.

Confused about two point you make:

  1. You say you don’t have time to go to a comparison website, but you have time to post multiple posts on this community?

  2. If you look at Bulb’s accounts, you’ll see that they paid themselves around £100,000. That doesn’t seem excessive?


CEO and directors pay should be linked to a max % above the lowest paid (hourly rate) so if directors want excessive wages (including bonuses) then they have to increase the lowly paid rate.



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In addition some comparison sites email you when they have found a deal which is £X cheaper than the supplier you are with. You can set £X youself so that you only get emails when the cheaper deal reach a saving of £X

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Ok lets put this into context for those who don’t understand my post
Im 60 this year in 2014 is was diagnosed with MND told I have 5 years to live you do the maths
I never claimed for anything in my life until now I have paid into my pension since I was 16 yes because im terminaly ill cant get the age reduced from 65 I doubt I will make that why cant I have it now ive paid in enough as for my spelling and grammer screw you can read it cant you .jez
my point about CEO taking huge sums was not pointed at bulb but in general
oh yes if I can post a few times on here I surley can go do a price comparision site get a life my point is there all in it together
so why keep changing doh why the hell should I suffer in my own home because of the cost of heating my home to help me survive and skippy guy hop off you totally missed the point of my post people can take what they want from it…oh in total this took me 1 hour to type…

Sorry to hear about your situation. :frowning:

MR Vanjobo
I would dearly love to hop off, but I am 11 years older than you, and I also have a physical impairment that prevents me from doing so. While I sympathise with your condition, i do try and make the best of life as it is by approaching it in a somewhat lighthearted manner.
After all we can’t change the world and are stuck with it the way it is, for better or worse