I would like to discuss the predictions made about how much energy we have used. I submitted accurate readings but the previous estimates were so wrong that it now looks like we use way more energy than we actually do. £724 a month on gas and electric in the summer is just unbelievable and something is wrong with this. I would appreciate someone looking into this for me and contacting me on how to resolve the matter. We used more than we payed for last winter knowing we would pay it off by the summer and now inaccurate estimates have hindered us from doing this.

Hi @14_Lwash

Unfortunately, your opening meter read was rejected by the independent switch regulator. This happens when their estimates don’t quite match your meter reading.

We can fix this for you to make sure you’re billed correctly by getting in touch with your previous supplier. This can take a few weeks.

I’d suggest getting in touch with us at help@bulb.co.uk with an up to date photo of the meter reading. We should be able to start the correction process.