Disappointed with bulb as a company

Had chat online about standing charges, as I am moving, I am on a prepayment meter for the gas-only, a pdf was emailed to me a statement saying I owe £86.23. Moving out is stressful enough without more money to find for things like a standing charge, I will never be a customer of bulb ever again.

Hey @alison4

You can check what you owe on a prepayment meter by checking the screens on the meter itself.

We’re currently trialling prepayment meters- this means as we don’t get meter readings regularly (as its only when you top up they can come through) a lot of information is estimated. I appreciate this might be a shock but if there was debt on the meter it would have been there the whole time.

Standing charge debt accrues only if you stop topping the meter up for a period of time. If the meter screens on the meter itself show no debt, you can ignore that bill. Let us know if you need more help with this :blush: