Disappointed with Smart meter display

I thought all the hype about these meters was that I as the user can see what Im using at the time. Giving me a chance to reduce my usage as we go. Its taken days for it to recognise that I have both Gas and Electric but only shows me a Daily usage against a budget that seems to be a daily rate divided my monthly payment. I could go and watch the meter spin faster when the tumble drier went on so not a big improvement. Other meters I have seen you can see when the kettle is on as it shoots into the red etc. that gives you a visual to show family look what happens when you turn the light off. Am I missing something?

Your IHD should be able to show your the instantaneous (well, approx 10 second updates) electric use. Have you explored all the options? On my old Chameleon IHD from a different provider, you have to put it into electric only mode, then go through the calendar until you get to “usage now”, then press the “£” button to change from cost to Watts. It’s a right faff. Maybe they’ve improved the process on the newer IHDs. Either way, there should be some way to get it into that mode.

Do you have a Chameleon IHD as installed by Bulb?

These display the realtime usage if you press the button marked with a lightening bolt and the word Now.

There are amber and red lights to indicate heavy usage but these might have been switched off in your settings. To switch them on again, go to the “Ambient Light” setting and turn it on.

OK Thanks for the input. Found it from the home screen press so far today again and again it then shows usage NOW. Thats the one I wanted.
What is odd from the home screen it shows 1.12 E and .93 gas so far today, if you go menu settings, home screen it shows .72 E .94 Gas so far today, i would have expected them to be the same. Yesterday the screen s were about ÂŁ2.00 out.
Anyway it at least gives me some more information… turn that tumble drier off…

Good to see Chameleon haven’t made this any easier in the 2 years since my meters were installed. Terrible user interface.

If only it were that simple. I don’t have a tumble drier, so I have to dry clothes on an airer rack. That means I end up having to also run a dehumidifier to help deal with the excess moisture, and also end up running the heating more than I would otherwise because the damp air feels colder than dry air. All things considered, I suspect running a tumble drier would probably work out cheaper overall, or at least not that much more expensive.

Roll on summer …