Disconnecting my Gas Supply

Ok, I have a property with a gas supply that I would like to remove. The property is empty and is to undergo renovation next year and as part of this I want to go fully electric (I appreciate this is more expensive to run)

As it happens last month, the operator (Northern Gas) upgraded the mains pipe works in my area and supply pipe to my gas meter was changed (which is on an external wall). However as I was not around then the supply remains disconnected. I phoned them and they need to come out to reconnect and check the internal appliances.

So can I just get the meter removed (via Bulb) and then remove the internal pipework/appliances and just leave it at that or do I have to legally get the supply capped (which is expensive).

Also if the meter is removed then will internal access be required to the property on the day and if it is, why?

Thanks for any answers to this.

Hi @RobertMidd,

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To get your gas meter completely removed, you will need to get in touch with the DNO to have the supply capped and then disconnected.

We can then come in and remove the meter for a charge.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions and I can pop you an email.


Thanks GeorgieS,

I do not understand why I need to contact the DNO as there is currently no supply to the meter as per my original post. So what will they do differently as surely the fact there is no supply means this is capped externally?

It is expensive if I have to get Northern Gas Networks to cap the supply and as I currently have no supply that seems a waste of money to me.

I now have a quote of over £800 to cap the supply from Northern Gas Networks which seems excessive to me but that is my dilemma.

In your post you state I must get the supply capped and then the meter can be removed but the following (from the quote) suggest the Meter should be removed first.

You will need to arrange for the Metering Equipment to be removed from the service pipe(s) that require
disconnection and render any associated installation pipework safe in accordance with relevant legislation
prior to Northern Gas Networks commencing work. Failure to undertake these actions will result in Northern
Gas Networks cancelling the planned disconnection work and may result in the costs being charged to you.
Your gas supplier or Meter Asset Manager for the premises will be able to help you in getting this equipment