Discontinuation of Gas supply and termination/removal of Gas meter

Hi, I would like to enquire and start the process of removing/discontinuing the supply of Gas to my property.
I have spent over £10 in the last 19 days of standing charge for Gas that could have gone on my Electricity usage. I am no longer using gas for heating/cooking/hot water as I have other alternatives in mind.
Please could someone get back to me as soon as possible with how we move forward in this process as I have no idea what is involved.
I would like to have the meter for Gas removed and the supply terminated to my property in the safest way possible. Whether this means capping and securing the incoming mains Gas supply pipe or other means.
Many thanks in advance.

I enquired about the same thing via email.
I got some informative responses (initially) about how they would go about doing this - can choose to have the meter removed and the line capped in case I want to reconnect again in the future - or you can chose to have the line removed completely.
Emails correspondence was going great - supply images/information about my gas meter etc.
Was in the process of arranging an engineer and then the email thread went silent.
I emailed continually - no response.
I resorted to the ‘complaints’ channel on Bulb Help and have had no response from them either. That was over a week ago. I guess the next step is to contact OfGem.

I am feeling the same way as you too now. I have emailed and messaged about my Electric meter being loaded with the wrong tariff/unit rate ; disconnection of gas ; and changing my payment method to just paying my bill as it comes with no credit accrual and all has gone either ignored or as in the case of meter fault, the solution hasn’t worked. Someone higher up the energy food chain needs to get involved now as this is becoming ridiculous.
Thank you for your kind feedback and information. I’ll meet you down at the OfGem offices :slight_smile:

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Hi @Johnnyx50

Thank you for contacting us in regards to removing your gas meter.

In order for you to stop paying the standing charge you must contact your DNO to cap this so that it is updated on the national database. ( Who’s my energy supplier or network operator? – Energy Networks Association (ENA)) - Once done so we can remove your meter.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Thanks, I have contacted Cadent about this, however I have read on Octopus Energy the following - “It’s your energy supplier’s job to remove your gas meter and make sure the incoming gas supply is capped. Right now, because we get so few requests, we offer this service for free.”
Are Bulb in a position to offer this service also? I did not like the look of the initial £1640 Cadent charge for works in removing gas supplies. I just want it capped.
Octopus continue to say “Once the meter has been removed and the supply has been capped, you won’t have to pay a daily standing charge for gas.”
I am aware that meters are owned by MAP’s and charge energy suppliers rental for them.
Please could I have this clarified before I make a massive hole in my pocket I can’t afford to make. Many thanks.