discount for new customers

in my town there is a £10 discount to sign up with Bulb in the local paper - is this only for new customers as I only joined last summer

I would imagine just for new customers, sounds like some local initiative whereby the council is going to make money from it, maybe they claim the other £40 for themselves as part of the £50 referral fee. It would probably be better if the person joined using someones referral and then get the £50.

Maybe Bulb have more info on it.

Heya @phyll

I’m afraid that offer is not valid for existing customers.

In partnership with 150 regional newspaper titles across the UK, Bulb is offering readers £10 account credit when they sign up through the unique link given. This offer has been out since August 2018 and is ongoing.

You’re right that’s it’s not as good for the recruit as the refer a friend scheme. It’s more for those who have not heard of Bulb before and perhaps haven’t got a friend or family member who is already supplied by us. They’ll still get their own referral link once they’ve switched.