Discrepency in smart meter reading as showing on meter and the remote data retrived by Bulb

My smart meter reading at home is differnet to the data retrived by Bulb remotely.
This was notice 2 months ago but still has not be resolved.
In month of April my useage was recorded lower than actual useage, while May is now doubled which has also impacted my bill, due to incorrect metering and increase in price.
Various Bulb team memebers have been engaged but still no resolution.
I have sent pictures of the meter showing serial number, date , useage etc .
Can you help ?

Hi Mine is similar the rates my IHD shows is last years figures and is now nearly double. So meter shows a figre then next day on the app that figue is nealy double. I have been waiting 6 weeks on updated rates to be downloaded. Good luck

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Hi @ashrafalimakhani :wave:

I’ve taken a look at your account and I can see you submitted weekly readings in between the monthly smart meter readings, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to do this, and these are the readings that are high than the actual meter readings.

Do you normally get the meter readings from the IHD? Or the meter itself? Always worth cross-referencing with the meter itself if you suspect there’s a difference. If you’d like, I can delete the incorrect readings and rebill you?

@Scott66 we’re sorry about that, we’re pushing through a lot of tariff updates to IHD’s at the moment, please keep your eye out for a change :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Dominic
Thank you for looking at my query and account, the readings provided are from the meter, seems the smart meter readings are lower but are they accurate?
I have been seeking Bulb meter team to verify but so far no joy.
Need to know why meter reading are higher than smart meter readings retrieved remotely.

Hello DominicThe readings provided are directly from the meter.
Can you explain why the smart meter readings are lower than the readings from the meter?

You’re probably submitting the “Total” figure, while Bulb tend to use “R01” instead (both should increase by the same amount, so in the grand scheme of things, it’s immaterial, as long as the same reading is consistently used).

Hello Steve
I have followed Bulb guidance and reported “Total actual Import” figure.
RO1 is not displayed on my meter.
The home display unit is also displaying the “Total actual Import”
I am disappointed as to why Bulb Technical team is not responding to my query.
This issue has been going on for months.