Discussion: do you generate your own energy at home?

I’ve been looking into some of the innovative ways green tech is used to generate energy. Polysolar and Pavegen really stood out to me as unexpected sources of energy generation.

Polysolar uses green architectural glazing to make buildings more energy efficient. Using transparent, ‘photovoltaic’ glass panels that convert light into energy, Polysolar have worked on larger scale commercial projects as well as domestic projects such as car ports. It’s reassuring to see solutions like Polysolar that are so scalable and malleable to requirements.

Pavegen, on the other hand, uses footsteps to generate electricity. The tiles use electro-magnetic induction generators to generate off-grid electricity and can also transmit real-time data to mobile devices and building management systems. In my opinion this level of integration will be essential to the implementation of green tech - technology that can not only generate energy but also present trends and data that enables greater efficiency.

Both of these technologies aren’t the most accessibly-priced right now, and there are logistical issues to rolling out initiatives like Pavegen on a broader scale - for instance on city streets - but both are really exciting developments in green tech.

We’d love to hear some of your thoughts on this, as well as your experiences of generating energy in your own homes. For example, have you had solar panels fitted in your home? And do you have advice for others on how to optimise them?

Let me know below!