Disgusting service Smart Meter

Inital install Date 21st Aug 2019.

Gas would not connect.

1 Week later a new gas meter.

Still would not connect.

2 weeks later another engineer comes. I tell him to link the gas meter by holding it close to the electric meter - bingo the gas meter connects.

All the lights on electric meter now show gas and electric meter connect (flashing green every 5 seconds or so). Told hand held will also connect in 48 hours.

3 days later a senior Seiemens engineer arrives un announced. Says they Gas meter needs reinstalling as the bracket has not been installed correctly, and again assures me everything will be working in 48 hours. Says, they will send engineer to reinstall bracket.

3 days later I call Bulb - getting same response, it will come live in 48 hours. Ask to speak to a manager, non available. Get a call for some idiot called paul, who completely refuses to acknowledge my concerns. And says the issue will be resolved in up to 2 months. Expects me to send a picture of the gas readings, which I refuse, telling him if he wants the readings as I have a smart meter come and get them.

I email him to get a director of the compnay to call me. (That email was 5 days ago) no repsonse.

Nothing is working “Smart” no electricity meter readings going to bulb or gas, and IHD not working.

What a complete joke! I want my old meters back.

AVOID CHANGING YOUR METERS TO SMART WITH BULB. I really did not expect such service from Bulb.