Disgusting way to behave with customers

I am furious.

I have received an email this morning telling me that I am using much more energy than estimated and that you are increasing my bill from £53 to £91!

Less than a month ago I sent you a meter reading and you said I was using much less energy than estimated and that I was £48 in credit!!!

All I can assume is that you have decided that it’s cold outside and that you are just going to make people’s bills up as you go along. This is the second time you have sent me an unreasonable communication like this and I’m sure you will be entirely wrong about increasing my bill, just as you were wrong last time.

You ask that we send you meter readings every three months. How about you stick to this policy and stop sending such self-serving emails to your customers.

I am fortunate enough to receive such an email and know that I would be able to cover it if it was correct. However, there are so many families in this country who are struggling to pay their existing bills and having to visit food banks to survive. I cannot imagine how much you would unnecessarily worry someone in this position who would think they need to try and find double the amount of money for a bill immediately after Xmas, when the figure has been completely plucked out of nowhere.

I am utterly disgusted with your behaviour. Never have I been treated like this by one of the big energy companies. You claim to care about the environment but obviously do not give a damn about people, or your customers.

Please ensure that you revert my bill to reflect the meter reading I gave you less than a month ago and recalculate once you receive an update in two months. If you don’t intend to stick to your policy, stop telling people to send readings every three months and then just make their bills up each month when you send them a bill

I am only replying to move this back to the 1st page and hopefully Bulb will reply to you.

As statements are based on factual information then the more often readings are supplied then the more accurate the payments will be. The initial payment plan would have been based on previous historical usage, I doubt very much they would just increase because of a cold spell otherwise many of us would complaining.

Personally I have found their customer service very good even though I admit to be being a bit of a pain to start with until I understood their formulas etc. If you haven’t already done so I would suggest you phone them and discuss the issues, I am sure they will get resolved to your satisfaction.

I have had a similar but worse experience to Leah - bulb reduced my payments when I told them not to and wouldn’t send me statements for months - now they say I am hundreds behind and have to double my payments - all over the place and hard to keep track of the real position. Very stressful situation - their IT systems seem poor and you need to make sure their statements are accurate and you know where you are. Don’t always believe them when they say your payments can go down. Check and check again with them


We are sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had with the billing and payments related to your account.

I can see that one of my colleagues, Dan has also replied to an email you’ve sent in. I’ll do my best to explain the situation further to help give you some more clarification.

I’ve investigated the readings we have on your account. It looks like you were previously in touch with us regarding the estimated readings. One of our team then looked to amend the readings so that the bills were sent out to the readings that you’ve provided us.

Unfortunately, this caused an error where the system increased the estimated annual consumption by double - this has now been fixed. This caused the most recent bill to come out as £100. As the bill came out to be higher and put your account into debt, it triggered an automatic email to inform you that the payment amount would need to be increased.

I apologise for the stress caused by that email and the confusion it caused.

I’ve now amended the bill and I’ve sent that to you now. Your previous bills show that it might be more accurate to increase the payments to £60, as we are also approaching the colder months. If you have any questions about this, you can also reach out to me here by a direct message.

Once again, I apologise for the frustration you have experienced this weekend.

We will always continue to improve our systems and we appreciate all the feedback that we receive.


I apologise that you’ve also had a stressful experience with Bulb. I’ve looked into your account and I can see that you got in touch with Laura a month ago.

The issue that caused the bills to not be sent was due to a reading dispute that was not correctly resolved. I apologise for this and Laura has helped get your account back on track.

Might I add that I am also dismayed at the charging side of your service.

I should be paying 61.33 a month, have I ever paid that? No. This last payment in November was 189.46, since June my bills have been 80/90 and tipped into the 100/110 in Sept/Oct.

What exactly is going on here and how can you justify this behaviour? You’ve just taken 3x what you said my bills were, how is that even allowed on a so called direct debit plan?

@MrH Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding your latest statements.

Your payments will always be £61.33 and we won’t be taking any other amount from your payment method.

As for the statements, the values they show are indicative of the energy used for that month. Having checked your account, it looks like our electricity estimations were a bit higher than what they should have been but your actual gas usage is higher than we predicted. This has caused the recent bills to reach the 100 marker

Going forward I would recommend submitting monthly meter readings to understand your monthly energy usage to see which fuel is causing the high statements. This is what I personally do to see what I am consuming on a month to month basis. Afterwards, you can increase your payment amount through MyBulb to something that is more sensible to match your month to month usage.