Display does not receive readings

Display does not show readings and haven’t for best part of a year Bulb keep fobbing me off with we are working to resolve issue and its down to network provider. Well it worked fine when first installed but since Feb last year has only worked once for 2 days.
Since Feb last year Spacex have sent 6 astronauts to the space station and we have managed to develop several new vaccines for covid 19 but Bulb cant get my meter to talk to the display a whole 3 feet away

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Was going to post similar, but, your post has more humour and pathos than what I planned. So I’m adding this instead, from a 2019 Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy document;

'IHDs provide the consumer with near- real time information on actual energy consumption … they are also key to facilitating consumer engagement and ensuring a good consumer experience.

They don’t, they haven’t, it’s a shambles.

Since June 2018 we have had 6 conversations with Bulb about the same. IHD now removed from where we then placed it, to a never visited cupboard with the spiders …

Come on Bulb!

Hey @boyd

Thanks for the post on your smart meter situation. I have taken a look at your account.

We’re unable to talk to your meters right now due to a connection issue with the Communications Hub (comms hub) which sits on top of your electricity meter. This hub is the part of your meter setup that sends readings to Bulb and to your in-home display. Your in-home display may be repeatedly restarting because of this.

We can actually request for this to be updated, it takes around 4-6 weeks to fix as we communicate with the smart network about them.

@Daddy0 Thanks for also sharing your experience with the In-home-Display. I can see you have been in communication with a member of staff about this, we can also request this update for you as well, I will just notify my colleague of your post here so we can see if we can get this reboot organised for you.