Display night / day electric usage split on energy graph

Currently in the “My Usage” section of MyBulb the electricity usage is simply one figure, and doesn’t show the split between night and day rates for economy 7 users. It would also be nice if we had the option to see the usage in kWh rather than costs as well.

Hi @katherine244 . Thanks for the valuable feedback. I’ve passed on your thoughts to our tech team and I would advise on keeping an eye out for changes as we’re always looking to give you more information about your usage and this is a great example of that.

I too want to be able to see the spilt between day and night usage. The online ‘Energy Usage’ graph has improved a tiny bit; at least there is now a stacked bar display were the light green is night usage and the dark green is day time. But there is still no clear number split of either the cost or the kWh used, just the total £ for the day.
So knowing the rates and using a ruler to measure the heights of the sick you can roughly work out the split. But what a pain!
I don’t understand why the information cannot just be simply shown, it clearly exists and is hardly going to be either controversial or confusing for somebody who wants it.