Dispute reading

Hi. How do I dispute the reading given to my previous supplier? They are chasing me for payment which comes to £280, they tell me this is over a two day period for gas and think it to be excessive. I’d like to clear this up before I pay anything.


I would contact Bulb on Monday and discuss, however what are you disputing? The actual closing reading for your old supplier or the amount you are being charged. I would check the kWH usage amount and see if it is within range. It could be your being charged for the previous month/quarter plus the two days.
If your payments were up to date then yes I think £280 for 2 days seems excessive.

Hi Rebecca, definitely get in touch with us directly. If the switch reading has been rejected and replaced with an estimate this can cause the problem. It could also be that your previous supplier wasn’t up-to-date with your billing if they were under-estimating your usage, but we can advise on this.