Dispute with EDF - Urgent


I understand that there’s an open dispute with EDF, and it seems you have rejected their meter readings, can you please ensure that you advise me on this?

This is causing unnecessary conversations with EDF, as i was I under the understanding that you, Bulb, took care of the energy swap - but as it turns out, you haven’t and I’m receiving final payment requests for a bill that I have settled.


@Davidweer thanks for getting in touch with us regarding the dispute with EDF. We’ll get in contact with them today and send you an email of what we can do to help sort out the situation.

Hi - any updates?

Hi @Davidweer apologies for not getting back to you sooner. @“SJ at Bulb” called EDF on Monday and have agreed to both use 6879 as the switchover reading for gas, and 1. 6641.4 and 2. 24490.5 for electricity.

EDF didn’t have the opportunity to give Bulb readings for the switchover. It is the responsibility of the new supplier to pass readings onto the old supplier.

Best wishes,

What happens next?

Hi @Davidweer EDF will now send you a revised final bill using the readings they agreed with @“SJ at Bulb”. If you don’t receive this within two weeks get back in touch and we will look into it further- but other than that the dispute should now be sorted.