Do Bulb Customer Services Actually Respond To E-Mails

E-mailed bulb 10 days ago regarding a badly estimated bill, despite supplying the actual meter readings. No response.

Anyone else having the same experience.

It may be worthwhile you checking out recent threads on this Forum and they may possibly answer your query?

I don’t have first hand knowledge of any issues with Bulb but others have the reverse.

@colinjeccles It’s safe to say Bulb are experiencing considerable demand from customers at this time (challenges related to the smart meter roll out etc.) and it would be safe to say they are currently struggling to meet customer expectations.

Bulb will get back to you but wait times will be longer than you may be used to. Email sent to the help@ email address will receive an updated automated response with revised response times.

If you’re able, I would recommend using the chat facility in the Bulb app. As I have found this to be a more expedient way of resolving issues. You’ll also be able to provide whatever evidence (photos, readings etc.) which can be looked at and updates made to you account in real-time.

Hi Colin, I had the same issue, they don’t reply to readings if you use the App but your next bill will resolve the discrepancy.

They don’t send amended bills between months.

Support is not answering emails and online chat is useless. If you can use the App it’s easy to submit readings any time you wish and change your DD to keep you paying

They will soon improve the service if they want to speak to YOU.