Do Bulb do Home Warm Discount, if so how do we go about it?

Do Bulb do Home warm Discount, if so how do we go about it. Not long been with Bulb, but been getting this for a few years as my wife as health problem

Hi @jm12000 ,

Yes they do - it’s detailed on and applications are currently being processed.

Thanks RichyB, just been looking into it, its showing up my name but it will be in the wife’s name, as she is the one who’s name is on the letter. will send a email to buld see whats said

Hi @jm12000 ,

Please let me know (via private messaging if you prefer) what Bulb’s reply is as I’m in a similar position myself. My wife’s disabled, but I’m working full time - hence the bills tend to be in my name and it’s unclear from Bulb’s page whether we could actually apply (and the broader group definition makes no mention of carers…)

@jm12000 @RichyB You can apply for the Warm Home Discount even if the account is initially in your wife’s name. We would need to put the account in your name as well to allow for the application to be made for you.

If you would be able to get in touch by email: or by phone: 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm), we are able to add you to the account, therefore allowing you also to apply for the Warm Home Discount :slight_smile: