Do Bulb still send meter reading reminders?

Since joining Bulb I have always received an email reminder to send my readings and a few days later I have received a bill based on my readings.
But this month, instead of a reminder, I received an estimated bill. So I sent in my readings but have heard nothing since.
I do not want estimated bills, only accurate ones.
Why the change?

Anyone else have this problem?

Anyone else have this problem?

If you check other threads today in this forum others seem to have has a similar problem. I received my reminder on per normal yesterday, so obviously the problem doesn’t apply to everyone.

Hey @RichardLower_1.

We still send monthly reminders.

We sent you a reminder email on October 21st and your bill was generated on the 23rd.

Occasionally, our emails can get lost in spam/junk boxes. If you don’t get one again next month, let me know and I’ll fire it to you manually and find out what’s going on.