Do Bulb supply THTC?

We are currently on total heating total control with sse, Can I change over to bulb being on this tarrif??

I would like to know this too

Hi @mrs and @Clare815819

You can switch to Bulb and we’d love to have you with us. But we don’t advise that we’re the best supplier for a few reasons. Mainly, we’re a more expensive option.

We can offer for one of your meters to be on a standard single rate and the other on an economy 7 tariff. It is likely that your current supplier offers a special tariff that is cheaper.

On top of this, if your two meters have separate meter points (MPANs) then there is extra standing charge costing around an extra £75 per year.

If you are still keen to join Bulb then it’s best to drop us an email to with a picture of your meter(s) and we’ll double check your meter type before switching to avoid any glitches.

Hope this helps!

On top of this, if your two meters have separate meter points (MPANs) then there is extra standing charge costing around an extra £75 per year.

Is this still accurate? I’ve seen recently on MSE that bulb have been refunding some customers the second standing charge as bulb had interpreted the rules incorrectly

Edit: I should say im looking to move away from Scottish Power and their unique take on customer service.

Hi @mousechan1313

You’re right - we have been refunding the second standing charge back to our members, and we won’t be charging two standing charges for a second MPAN moving forward.

That’s a saving of about £75 a year. What would you do with that saved cash :thinking:

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Thank you,

I dont know what id do with that extra £75 a year.

Can you tell me how I could go about looking into switching, what the tariff rates are etc please.

Hi @mousechan1313

I suppose the possibilities are endless. At the end of the day, just having £75 extra in the bank isn’t too shabby either :money_with_wings:

You can find the specific tariffs you’d be on here:

Just scroll to the bottom and fill your details in.

You can switch to us and get a refined monthly quote using your usage figures here:

Your estimated annual usage figures should be on bills from your current supplier, or you can contact them and request them.

An energy supplier switch takes 3 weeks to complete, and we’d email you along the way with all the info you need. We’d handle everything with your previous supplier, so you wouldn’t need to worry about that either :bulb:

Thank you for that, should I select I have an Economy 7 meter when it asks me?

Hi @mousechan1313

Indeed you should, that way you’ll get both the daytime and nighttime tariff rates for your area, as well as the standing charge.

It’ll just be the one standing charge, though :wink:

ok thank you.

One more thing, how do I select my property address as it shows up twice, once for each MPAN

Hi @mousechan1313

Excellent question, I’m going to send over an email and we can work that one out together there :slightly_smiling_face:

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