Do I have an account?

I joined bulb at the start of November and assumed all had gone well and was told I’d be switching at the end of November. When I tried to give a meter reading at that time I was told there was a problem with my account and was advised to contact support.

When I did so I was told my application had been rejected (I wasn’t even aware this was a thing? And had certainly never been told - as far as I was aware I was switching) and was asked if I’d like to apply again - I said yes.

It’s been a week since and I’m still unable to access my account via the app and don’t even know who my energy provider is anymorez I’m still paying SSE a premium out of contract rate for my electric in the meantime as a result.

Can anyone tell me what on Earth is going on???

5 days with no response. This is absolutely abysmal.