Do I have room for a smart meter

Hi everyone,

I have scheduled a date for a new smart meter to be fitted but am not sure if I have room. The question about do I have 2ft space around is making me a little confused. I moved into a old bungalow and the electric meter is above a door in my hallway, next to my fuse box. Do I really need 2ft space, any help would be appreciated…

I think the 2ft of space it to give the engineer room to work when fitting the meter. My new smart meter is about the size of the old one and certainly does not have that much space around it once the cupboard door is closed.

Oh right, cool. Thanks steveA

We’d have had a smart meter installed somewhat over 6 weeks ago, if it wasn’t for a problem with the “meter tails” being the old colours(!)
But the engineer confirmed that space limitations are NOT a problem in our case.
Our existing electricity meter is on the rear wall of the larder, near the bottom right of a space 26cm high (above the isolator unit and below a shelf) by 36cm wide (between pipes at the left and the consumer unit or fuse box at the right). Without the pipes we’d have an extra 16cm to the left-hand wall. There is plenty of space in front, though! Never been a problem with previous (conventional) meter changes, and it is worth noting that the original meter of 70 years ago would have been rather larger than most of the modern ones. I hope this helps.
“Above a door” is not recommended now, because of needing something to stand on to read the meter - and somebody else might want to go through that door at an awkward moment; however, this isn’t bad enough to cancel the job!
Our gas meter is on the floor of that larder, near the rear right; there’s a shelf very near to it, but apparently I won’t have to remove the shelf.