Do I have to have a smart meter installed?

Hi. I’m trying to get my parents to sign up to Bulb but they’re not convinced about having a smart meter yet. If they sign up to Bulb can they keep their existing meter?

Smart meters are not compulsory. I’ve recently moved to Bulb from Scottish Power and have kept my original meter and have to plans to change it to a smart meter anytime soon

Indeed - no need to have a smart metre with Bulb. We do not want one at the moment so all is okay if your parents are thinking of going Bulb. Hope they decide to switch and have a good experience.

Hi @Jondayfr, Bulb are not currently offering Smart Meters (the general rollout for customers will start in August of this year) but even when they are, there’s absolutely no requirement to have one, Bulb simply have a requirement to offer you one.

@Jondayfr Everyone else on this thread is absolutely right. We have to ask if you want one before 2020 but you do not have to accept!